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Furniture history

Furniture is made of materials, structures, appearance, form and function of four factors, which function is to guide, is promoting the development of furniture power structure is the trunk, is the basis of the function. These four factors interrelated and interacting. Because furniture is to meet the people's material needs and purpose designed and manufactured, furniture also has the appearance of materials and form factors.

Furniture, wardrobes, tables, beds, sofas and other bulky items.

Liu Qing of the bastion of the 18th Chapter: "son of a gun back box and carbine two piece furniture guards came. "Household appliances, wood, including cooking utensils, etc. Is used in our daily life and social activities has sit on, and rely on the apparatus, storage, interval function. Usually consist of several parts and components according to a certain Joint Assembly, and has become an important part of interior decoration. Northern Wei Xie Qi min Yao Shu huai Liu Catalpa Catalpa five Wu Zuo: "where for furniture, pieces of wood before the appropriate species. "Obviously, since ancient times, Chinese furniture wood as the main material, primarily wood furniture.

Furniture is not only material, but also an artistic creation, it is often said that the dual characteristics of furniture.

Furniture type, number, function, form, style and production standards, as well as the possession, also reflects a country and region in a given period of social life style, social level, as well as historical and cultural characteristics of the material. Furniture is in a given country or region at a time of social productivity development level symbol, is the epitome of a certain way of life, is a manifestation of a certain cultural forms, of the furniture thus gather a rich and deep social.

Some so-called furniture material is MDF, particle board stick out walnut or other wood skin, not made of natural wood.